July 2019 Newsletter - Volume 6


    • Replace filters on cooling equipment
    • Check conditions of belts and pulleys
    • Inspect and clean outdoor coils and compressor
    • Check drip pans and drainage
    • Properly program thermostats

Finding ways to save energy in your facility doesn't have to require a huge investment.  In fact, you can start saving money today by performing these simple adjustments to your thermostat controls:

  • Set the fan to operate in the continuous "ON" setting during the occupied hours of your building's operation.  This should provide adequate ventilation of fresh air and prevent stagnant areas due to constantly moving air throughout the building.
  • Set the cooling set point where needed to keep the building's comfort level during occupied hours of your building's operations.
  • Set the fan to operate in the "Auto" setting during unoccupied hours of your building's operation.  Ventilation and comfort levels should not be needed at this time.
  • Set the cooling set point to 80 to 85 degrees during unoccupied hours of your building's operations.  This, along with the fan operating in "Auto" mode, is where your building will save the most on electric utilities.  Being that evening and nighttime is typically the coolest part of the day, your system should not be running as much during this unoccupied time and will recover properly to the occupied comfort setting when returning to your building.


As a ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Trade Ally, First Point Mechanical has been trained to help provide energy saving measures to ComEd customers with year round maintenance.

For information on rebate incentives related to thermostats, or for more information regarding additional incentives, please click HERE.

Wilmette, IL

Reduce energy costs, enhance comfort controls and reduce equipment footprint

With only two existing thermostats for over 14 classrooms and offices, Loyola Academy was looking for a better way to control the temperature in each classroom and office.  Being located in the basement, the new system also had to be able to dehumidify to maximize its' occupants comfort. 

With limited space above the ceilings, Loyola Academy and First Point's engineers worked together to find a system that would meet both the space limitations and provide additional comfort controls to the teaching staff. 

First Point Mechanical designed and installed the Mitsubishi VRF system that provides each classroom and office simultaneous heating and cooling .  This project turned two thermostats into 14 individual controlled zones!  This project also freed up mechanical room space and allowed the building to utilize this additional space for storage and classroom use.

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