January 2019 Newsletter - Volume 4

What is a chiller tear down and when is a tear down recommended to be performed?

A chiller tear down is periodic maintenance usually recommended to be performed based on Manufacturer's recommendation, on run time hours, when issues arise with oil sample deficiencies or mechanical issues, or on a time interval basis, approximately every 8-10 years.

A chiller tear down inspection includes:

  • Remove and weigh refrigerant and compare to full charge
  • Remove all critical compressor and transmission components
  • Measure bearings / shafts / gears for proper tolerance
  • Replace any worn or defective parts
  • Rebuild and recharge the machine

After a chiller tear down is performed, the chiller is reassembled, leak tested, evacuated, and refrigerant charge is added to full original charge.  Additional refrigerant may be added if refrigerant originally removed is not enough for the total charge needed.  The chiller is then started and tested for proper operations and efficiency.  This is approximately a 2 week process.

When should a chiller tear down be performed?

Winter through early spring is the proper time for chillers to be maintained and opened for inspection, if needed.


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Reduce energy costs, enhance comfort controls and reduce equipment footprint

With only two existing thermostats for over 14 classrooms and offices, Loyola Academy was looking for a better way to control the temperature in each classroom and office.  Being located in the basement, the new system also had to be able to dehumidify to maximize its' occupants comfort. 

With limited space above the ceilings, Loyola Academy and First Point's engineers worked together to find a system that would meet both the space limitations and provide additional comfort controls to the teaching staff. 

First Point Mechanical designed and installed the Mitsubishi VRF system that provides each classroom and office simultaneous heating and cooling .  This project turned two thermostats into 14 individual controlled zones!  This project also freed up mechanical room space and allowed the building to utilize this additional space for storage and classroom use.

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